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2010 Trends – IT Independence

IDC recently released their 2010 predictions for enterprise data storage. TechTarget covered it in a January 4, 2010 article titled:

Enterprise data storage outlook 2010: industry predictions for storage pros

I’d like to highlight a couple of points from the TechTarget article:

“……full recovery from the most recent downturn is still a ways off as 2010 arrives. That means capital and operational efficiencies will continue to rule purchasing decisions this year….

“….IT will undergo “a shift away from capital cost efficiencies to operational cost efficiencies……”

“….IDC said business units will look to establish greater independence from IT……”

The “independence from IT” prediction needs some color added. Businesses will always value IT, just what aspect of IT is on the table. As discussed in the paper the business unit maintained control of the Business Intelligence application and process. What changed was the underlying platform provisioning, which dynamically grew into a services-oriented infrastructure offered as a commodity. I believe that in 2010 we will begin to see strategic planning, direction and execution of the disaggregation of Business Intelligence applications from the underlying IT platform. The benefits will be agility at scale and if planned correctly, lower cost.

I should note that this is not virtualization, the consolidation of several applications onto a single server. The “greater independence from IT” will be business units minimizing application in-house IT infrastructure requirements and dynamically provisioning (greater independence) with on-demand IT. This is a shift from CapEx to OpEx cost models. It is also a shift in application architecture thinking.

The Leveraging the Cloud for Green IT paper, which highlighted the move from on-premise traditional CapEx cost model to an OpEx cost model enabled by Cloud services, demonstrated a process to achieve those business goals.

The IDC predictions are for storage but as everyone knows storage requirements are driving many IT decisions, from servers to data center provisioning. By sheer size services and servers will increasingly follow the data.

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