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PCIe SSDs – innoDisk

InnoDisk, a provider of flash based storage devices for industrial applications and embedded systems, announced a ‘Matador II’ PCIe SSD on December 22, 2009. An EE Times Asia press release can be found here. Development began 3 years ago and offers PCIe x16, 2TB capacity and “internal RAID allocation functions”. The target market is stated as “enterprise server, high-end applications, cloud computing, etc”. Iometer throughput screen shots on the announcement page show 22,354 IOPs and 917 MB/s. Not earth shattering and somewhat low as compared to the FusionIO product line. Pricing was not available at the time of this post.

As previously noted in the “WD enters SAS HDD market, the entry point implications” post, SSDs are targeting the 15K rpm HDD market that requires high random performance and low latency. The EE Times press release touts bandwidth, not a primary requirement for SSD storage. Given the lack of specifics it is not clear that the innoDisk product is competitive in this market segment. Hopefully more details are forthcoming.

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