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PCIe – LSI SSS6200

Following a recent announcement of a partnership between Seagate and LSI, LSI announced the bootable SSS6200 PCIe form factor solid state storage solution. Capacity is initially targeted at 300GB, scalable up to 1TB as flash technology evolves. The 300GB solution operates within the PCIe power envelope of 25W. In addition the front-end is PCIe 2.0 […]

Latency – Where are we headed?

As a follow-up to “Latency – How far have we come in a decade“, I thought it would be useful to add the recent Solid State Storage data to the mix. As already discussed under SATA SSD Product Announcements, there are several SATA SSDs available, from consumer up through enterprise class. The advantage of SATA […]

SSDs – Buyer Beware?

The latest wave of product releases is revealing some interesting aspects of SSDs. You have to read beyond the headlines to find the nuggets. Let’s look at one nugget derived from various articles:

Seagate ‘Pulsar’ is spec’ing 4K random reads of 30,000 IOPs while sustained 4K random reads range from 10,500 IOPs down to 2,600 […]

More SSD Partnerships Announced – LSI and Seagate

LSI and Seagate announced a partnership to enter the PCI express-based enterprise Solid-State Storage market. Go to PR Newswire for the press release. By combining LSI PCIe SAS host adapters and Seagate’s recently announced SSD Drive technology the collaboration should establish both companies in the SSD enterprise segment. Although the press release did not specifically […]

SATA SSD Product Announcements – Pre/Post CES 2010

So far 2010 has been an active year for SSD product announcements and early evaluation snapshots. Several products based on SandForce controllers were announced while Micron and Marvell announced a 6Gbps SATAII drive that appears to have the performance lead. The primary flash suppliers see an opportunity to add higher value to the product line. […]

Latency – How far have we come in a decade?

I’d like to bring your attention to Google Fellow Jeff Dean keynote talk at LADIS 2009 on “Designs, Lessons and Advice from Building Large Distributed Systems”. The slides (PDF) can be found here. In this study a single server has 16GB of DRAM and 2TB of storage. This is Google’s building block of a large […]

PCIe SSDs – innoDisk

InnoDisk, a provider of flash based storage devices for industrial applications and embedded systems, announced a ‘Matador II’ PCIe SSD on December 22, 2009. An EE Times Asia press release can be found here. Development began 3 years ago and offers PCIe x16, 2TB capacity and “internal RAID allocation functions”. The target market is stated […]

Take-Away’s from a ‘Caml Trading talk at CMU’

Yaron Minsky of Jane Street Capital provided some good insight into the technology requirements of high-frequency trading in a post on his blog titled Caml Trading talk at CMU. The presentation at CMU, “Experience with Functional Programming on Wall Street”, was given in March of 2009. He covered the technology decisions as applied to Jane […]