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2010 Trends – IT Independence

IDC recently released their 2010 predictions for enterprise data storage. TechTarget covered it in a January 4, 2010 article titled:

Enterprise data storage outlook 2010: industry predictions for storage pros

I’d like to highlight a couple of points from the TechTarget article:

“……full recovery from the most recent downturn is still a ways […]

Morgan Stanley Mobile Internet Report

For those ready to digest A LOT of information, 424 pages worth of very good data, Morgan Stanley has posted their Mobile Internet Report. There is a condensed 92-page presentation that highlights the key themes from the report. As a minimum you should review the “Setup” material as it is a good overview of the […]

Take-Away’s from a ‘Caml Trading talk at CMU’

Yaron Minsky of Jane Street Capital provided some good insight into the technology requirements of high-frequency trading in a post on his blog titled Caml Trading talk at CMU. The presentation at CMU, “Experience with Functional Programming on Wall Street”, was given in March of 2009. He covered the technology decisions as applied to Jane […]

More on New Data Centers – Upfront Cost

Going forward I think we need to focus on the cost achieved by IBM and Yahoo! . While the average cost are now in the range of $1400 per sq. ft. there are some downward pressures to build out cost.

– A Data Center Shortage for Silicon Valley? article in Data Center Knowledge notes that […]

New Data Centers – Upfront Cost

There have been several new data center announcement over the last several months that provide some insight as to the cost of ‘infrastructure’. This is the upfront CapEx required before the on-premise or Cloud services can be offered. The following chart is based on public announcements of investment cost and the footprint of that investment.